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For Facebook: When the user receives a friend request, a payday loans online tap will show the other person's main picture and payday loans online condensed, scrollable "About Me" section. The user will be able to accept or decline a friend request within Mix View without having to open the app.

I know some of these features i metioned are already accessible by way of the Notification payday loan online Center, but these are just my thoughts on how Mix View could be employed. Doesn't anyone get it at microsoft that this could have been huge. Instead of toting it as a phone only feature. They could have told devs that they will be bringing that to the desktop via touch screens, surface hub and AIOs. Even if there were no third party apps, the 3D touch would have been so cool with just things like call, messages, camera, IE etc.

It was a device that could have really helped MS gain a lot of market share, but MS decide to kill their goose rather than benefit from its golden eggs in future. EVERYONE working on this knows it was HUGE. But Nutella is so single minded and against consumers that it was tanked. I tried to read this, because it is interesting, but once again I was flummoxed by the endless barage of ad garbage that made it impossible to click through the pages.

The site works fine from my computer that uses an adblocker, but not from the computer that does not. Maybe someday those who run a site about Windows will get the site to work reasonably well on Windows. Seems pretty 'meh' in 2016. Not sure the value fo the 3D touch.

Disappointing camera expecially with the big hump. Hope MS is still using this technology. Maybe 3D touch could be handy for something like. But - Nokia build quality chances are if I had the phone originally, it would still be going today. No techbell, microsoft made one wrong decision. He single handedly destoryed any future products, software etc that had any amount of coolness to it. Now we have what is called ENTER-SOFT.

Consumer are dirt under his feet. He cares about enterprise only. Consumers are pesants as far as he is concerned and are not worth the air they are breathing. Hence what we see as the shift in microsoft now to Enterprise only. There is nothing being annouced exciting for consumers and has been nothing for the past 6 months. Just enterprise this, enterprise that. The cancelling of this consumer product, or that consumer software. I am right, and the MS fanboys don't want to hear it, but I am right.

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